Mini Digital Virtual Pinball Machine 27"

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Our 3/4 sized virtual pinball machine is the most innovative home entertainment device on the market. Not only can you play thousands of digitally recreated tables, this machine also can work as a Mame arcade as well so you can play all your favorites! There is an 8 way joystick and 8 buttons so you can play all the classics from Pac Man to NBA Jam. 

This cabinet features a real working plunger so when you let one rip for the perfect skill shot you're right on the money!  Want to give the table a nudge go ahead, your ball will react to the machine moving with its x/y/z nudge sensors. But don't do it to hard or you will tilt!

Out machine isn't cheaply made, it's solid 3/4 Hi Density MDF, not that cheap ikea wood, this is solid, when being made we seal all the wood with an oil based sealer on all vulnerable surfaces. 

Just the right size, not to big, not to small. It measures 16.5" across from flipper button to flipper button, is 32" deep, and 35" tall. The cabinet is equipped with 1.5" delrin plastic feet, it is made this way so you can easily slide it around your living room to play on your couch, OR on a standard 30" counter or table this machine will be at normal pinball height for ultimate comfort.

No computer is included with this machine.  You will need to supply a computer that can handle at least 2 HDMI ports and one USB connection.  All software setup must be done by you. Tables shown in pictures are for marketing purposes only and do not come with this Pinball Cabinet that is plug and play ready for your computer.  

These machines are built to order it usually takes 4-6 weeks for delivery.